Class 3 to 9

Class 3 to 9

Content of course for class 3 to 5

Content of course for class 3 to 5 is divided into 4 major subjects, namely English, Maths, EVS and Hindi. In some schools instead of EVS, it is SST and Science.

At our institute we provide a complete detailed study of chapter plus the chapter made easy with questions and answers, which makes the understanding easier. The back exercises and homework done at our center. The special workbooks would contain worksheets for all grammar topics for Hindi and English. A thorough covering of the syllabus both practically and theoretically done. Mental Maths worksheet, designed and written beautifully to make learning fun as well as interesting.

Content of course for class 6 to 9

It is divided into Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), SST (History, Civics and Geography), English and Hindi (with literature and grammar for both). We teach our children with NCERT syllabus and private author course. We make them complete Maths NCERT exercise question by question and many worksheets given for various potential resources for better understanding. Science and SST include 49 one word questions, 30 questions on summary, understanding of the chapter, NCERT solutions, Test after completion of each chapter.

  • Start Date
    On Going
  • Years Old
    8-15 Years
  • Class Size
    05-08 Students
  • s
  • Carry Time
    1-2 Hour
  • Coures Duration
    10-11 Month
  • Class Time
    ( According to Batches)
  • Tution Free
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